Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day of Preparation

Well we made it to Denver without complication! The flight was smooth and Sam slept the whole time. Dana's brother Blake picked us up and we spent the day with him. It was fun to cruise around with someone we knew and get to see his and Jackie's apartment. We all went to dinner last night and just had a nice time visiting-much better than sitting around in our hotel room.
Today started very early-4 am to be exact. I had to feed Sam about 2 hrs earlier than normal because she is having a sedated echocardiogram today and had to be off milk for 4 hrs. We got to the hospital this morning, did some paperwork, and met with the welcome coordinator Ashley. From there they did a chest xray and took her into the surgery prep area for her sedated echo. We met with the anesthesiologist which was probably the hardest part so far. We of course know the risks, but it's still hard to hear them. He said the risks of the anesthesia during heart surgery itself include voice problems, cognitive dysfunction (either temporary or permanent) and of course a bad reaction resulting in death. So for all of you out there praying, there are some specific things to pray against. We firmly believe she is not going to die as God has shown us glimpses of what her future holds. But that good old fear wants to creep in about the other stuff, so keep us lifted in prayer. We know God is in control-it's that human part of us that has a hard time hearing all the "possibilities". Right now I'm in the waiting room while they do the echo. They just masked her down with gas today and are going to get her blood while she is sleeping. Once they are done-in about 10 min from now, we will go on a tour with the head nurse and then meet with the surgeon. Funny thing-the nurse, Ester, was my nurse when I had my heart surgery 21 years ago. I remember how wonderful she was so that makes my heart happy! I have to go for now-Ester is here for us.

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  1. Praying for you all! How amazing that you and Sam have the same nurse! God is so great at all of the planning! :)