Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

We finally made it home this morning! It was another uneventful flight in that Sam slept the whole time-so nice. We ended up spending yesterday in the Aurora area. Sam had to have a final chest xray and evaluation by the surgeon at 1 in the afternoon, so we couldn't really go to the zoo. Bummer! The surgeon said her xray looks excellent and she only needs lasix once a day until we see our cardiologist, Dr. Wiggins, here early next week, and then we can be done. He was very pleased with how she looked and how well she has done. He also said she doesn't really need the oxygen, but will let Dr. Wiggins make the final decision to discontinue. We should not need to go back down there again-all the rest of the follow up can be done with Dr. Wiggins here. Although she is doing very well, she is having some issues. We suspect its gas-but the last three evenings, she just cries almost unconsolably and her tummy rumbles. The oxygen in her nose may be contributing not to mention her gut is probably a bit off following anesthesia. None the less, it's no fun at all to see her in that state. So please pray for her-that she would no longer have these pains. Now we just have to get back to life an normal! I have two weeks off so that will help get through the first stage. Really her only restriction is that she can't be lifted up under her arms for 6-8 weeks. This is a hard one to remember and a long time to do that! Otherwise though, she can do all her normal baby activities-even tummy time. Overall looking back at this whole ordeal, we are blown away. By people's generosity/support and Gods goodness to us! I will likely post one more time once Sam is done with all her meds and oxygen, but we are pretty much wrapped up! God is good and takes care of His children!

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