Saturday, November 26, 2011

Only a couple more days!

Yet another day of good recovery! We have gotten all kinds of smiles from Miss Sam today. Which of course is wonderful. Her chest xray looked a lot better today-the fluid is clearing up, so that's great. They said they were thinking about dishcharging us Sunday, but Sams eating is not quite up to where it needs to be, so they expect Monday. We looked at moving up our fligh from Wed to Mon pm, but there are absolutely no more seats on any flights until our scheduled one wednesday am. So we will just stay at the hotel across the street from the hospital for a couple days. We are thinking we may take a trip to the zoo on Tuesday since the weather is so nice around here. It all depends on how Sam is doing.

So we are just hanging out waiting for them to release us. They are weaning her off the last diuretic, so tomorrow we will just be left with gas meds and tylenol-I think. We are looking forward to getting home, but are ok that we have to wait a few more days. We really miss Charlee and Tyler! There are all kinds of kids around here and they make me think of my little kidlets! At least we can do Skype when they are with grandma Kathy so that's been helpful. I guess Tyler has been asking where his Samantha is. He's always looking out for her. And Charlee made a cute card with a picture of Sam with all kinds of tubes coming out. I love it! We let them see her over the Skype camera when she still had a lot of that stuff in. They love their baby sister.

Enjoy today's pics!

Happy girl!

Reading with Daddy!

Out cold on Daddy's chest-note the drool stains on his shirt! :)

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  1. So cute! We love you guys. Come home soon!

    Ed and Susanne