Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At home

Sorry I didn't get to this sooner! Sam was released from the hospital Monday, and we were happy to come home. She responded well to treatment and as of yesterday has not even coughed. Amazing! It has been so nice for the past couple days to just be back in our normal routine. I was sitting here watching the news and saw the huge snow dumping storm that hit Denver over the past 24 hours. I find it interesting that Dana +/- Sam and I were supposed to be driving back yesterday. I believe the Lord was saving us from that drive and the bad roads from the weather by keeping us here. I wish it wasn't pneumonia and the pediatric ICU that was needed to keep us here! Maybe its just my need to know the "why", but I do believe God has a plan in everything even when it doesn't make any rational sense to us. Whether it was the weather/roads He was protecting us from or some other reason, we still trust that God is in control.

Sam in now scheduled for surgery Wed. Nov 23. We will be leaving the 21st-flying this time to avoid any hang ups due to potential bad roads that happen this time of year. We are praying that Sam does not catch any of the numerous cold/flu bugs that also are part of this time of year. We really do just want to get her surgery behind us, so we can move forward. Thanks again to all of you for your prayer and support. I won't be posting much in the next 3-4 weeks unless something major comes up, and then I will start up again when we head to Denver.

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