Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting better!

Today is another day of improvement for Sam. Her vitals remain stable and she looks pretty good for a baby with lots of cords/wires/tubes attached to her. She has gained 1/2 lb since arriving so that's very good. Her oxygenation levels are remaining very high so she is being weaned from her air flow. If she continues at this rate, we should be moved out of ICU and into a private room tomorrow. That's where we will finish out the rest of her week long stay. The viral tests came back negative and we are still waiting on the bacterial cultures but they haven't grown anything yet. In light of her heart disease and high blood pressure that have been present since birth, she is at higher risk of getting RSV and if she got it, could end up in a pneumonia situation again. So since it's negative at this time, they gave her a shot of antibody against RSV today. I guess it's very spendy but prevents them from getting the RSV or at least lessens the symptoms. Its basically a super vaccine-instead of her body creating antibody to the vaccine, its just straight antibodies. Poor baby had to get that shot in the muscle so she's a little sore, but hanging in there.

I spoke today with the Childrens Hospital about rescheduling surgery. We have set up a tentative date of November 23-yes the day before Thanksgiving. That is 5 weeks out and we will just have to make sure everything is cleared with the cardiologist here in town.

We had several visitors today which is always appreciated. We can't say enough how much it means to have SO many people praying for us and for our little Sam. We know she is well covered! I'm hoping that when I update tomorrow it will be from our own room! Goodnight for now!

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