Friday, October 21, 2011

Our own room!

Yep, we are out of ICU! My little Sam is doing even better today. We are now in room 454. She only has to be bothered every 4 hours now instead of 2! It's nice to have a little privacy as well-not that it was terrible in ICU since we were the only ones there-but I don't have to worry about bugging anyone. Her stats have been staying normal even as the air has been decreased. Still no bacterial growth so that's good! She also got to go back to eating on her own. No more feeding through the tube! She was very happy about that-she sucked it down in no time.

Bonus! The respiratory therapist just came in and got the ok from the doctor to turn off her high flow air. If she does good then we can get all the tubes off her face which would be great! She is so cute this afternoon-smiling and cooing at me! My li'l Punkin Pie!

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  1. Wonderful! God is so good. Maybe He's taking this time so she can heal on her own. Ya never know!