Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Speed bump!

Woke up this morning running! I have a list very long of things to get accomplished before leaving tonight. First stop-take Charlee to school. Second stop-take the dog to be boarded. Doing good so far. On my way back home I got a call from the Children's Hospital. They explained that there was a baby born yesterday that needs emergency heart surgery and they were wondering if they could have Sam's spot on Thursday. They could reschedule her for Friday. One day is not so bad. Besides then we can drive during the day and we still have plenty of time. The other minor detail is that Sam started with a cough yesterday-not good! She is happy and bright, but if that cough is not gone in the next 24-48 hours they won't do surgery. That makes Friday better as it's one more day for her to get rid of it! So that's our new plan of attack. Keep praying for her that her cold symptoms miraculously disappear in time for her to have surgery Friday! If anything major changes, I'll let everyone know.

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