Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brighter day!

After a very rough night, I'm so very happy that Sam is doing much better today. I did go in after my 3 hours of sleep this morning to find she had pulled one of her IVs out. She is such a determinted little bugger! Her vital signs are stable, her color is much better, and she is acting more like herself. She will smile at me when I'm talking to her and she even gave me a couple coos! Music to my ears! They did put a feeding tube in her because of the risk of aspiration if she nurses, and she is tolerating it pretty well. We called the Childrens Hospital in Denver and canceled our surgery appointment for Friday. We are now looking at 4-6 weeks before we get to have that done. Bummer-I was looking forward to getting it done and moving on. Guess we just have to wait a little longer. I have spent most of the day sitting in a recliner holding the little pumpkin. She is happiest with mommy, so I'm happy to do it! She has all kinds of lines and tubes-makes moving her around quite the challenge but we manage. Her bloodwork shows changes consistent with a bacterial pneumonia and the preliminary viral panel is negative so that is most likely. Shes on a combination of good broad spectrum antibiotics, so should kill what ails her. When they placed her feeding tube today, they took an xray to make sure it was into her small intestine. So we got to see her lungs again and they already look better after just 12 hours. Amazing! God is still caring for my little peanut and watching over our family. Hope to have some culture results tomorrow and home in a couple days!


  1. Thanks for the updates Mandy. It's such a relief to hear that she's doing better.

  2. This is Susanne:
    Thanks for the up-date. Yes, she is a fighter! It did my heart good to see her today, keeping 3 adults at bay while they tried to move the feeding tube! Go, Sammy!!!!!

  3. So glad she had a better day! Also glad to see your faith in God, sometimes we just have to accept when we don't understand. Faith is beileving what we cannot see, so that someday we can see what we believe! Please let me know if you need anything, besides my prayers!!